Who am I?

I am Mirjam Shah the leading lady behind the scenes of Handpicked Lifestyle Travel & Events.

As a little girl I would always wander off and try to explore life outside of my neighbourhood. I would go to the farms to have a look at how they milked the cows and when the new born piglets where there I would be the first to see them. The woods were the place to built huts and with our imagination we were on a tropical island or in a jungle. I was always out and about driven by my curiosity and love for adventure. My father would call me his little gypsy.

I couldn’t wait to leave the village where I grew up and see more of the world. So when it was time to study the University of Amsterdam was definitely the place to be. From the wonderful city of Amsterdam the world became my playground. I majored in Cultural Studies and Spanish and during those years at University I would take any opportunity to travel abroad. Travelling to Latin-America was not just and adventure it was also great to improve my knowledge of Spanish